What does Angry Brown Spider mean?

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A colloquial appearance useful for the anal area and sphincter, taken collectively and most often, into the framework of pending or on-going sexual intercourse, eg rectal intercourse or rimming. It is often abbreviated just as "abdominal muscles" within the interest of brevity.Even with small, arbitrary muscle mass control of the rectum, when said anal area is viewed by an observer / intimate companion, the anus resembles the human body of this spider. Furthermore, the wrinkled folds of epidermis surrounding the anal area ( or pucker) lend the look of an arachnid's limbs (i.e. a spider's feet) flailing about.Naturally, said "arachnid" feet are thought to be transferring anger while the anus passes through various quantities of relaxation or tension, utilizing the fury being a reaction into the threat of imminent exploitation that the anal area probably will experience at the hands of another participant.Although the word is normally placed on females it might be employed for men as well.