What does Angry Angler mean?

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A man usually separated amongst the centuries of 25 and 40 who is hooked on fishing. Majoriy associated with the after must have occured during an Angry Angler's life:-Abadons partner to fish. Typically, he can do many tasks around the house so that you can be approved authorization to fish.-Monitors the elements constantly, to include stages associated with moon, wind speed and direction, and water temperatures. Other weather condition data is for dumb losers.-Must have horrible credit, a piece of shit automobile, with no clothes significantly less than ten years old. But you possess over 30 fishing rods and a tackle field too-large for a one man carry.-Must have invested at the least 6 hours fishing during a wedding anniversary or a wife's birthday on over 3 occasions.-When in a social environment, you constantly reveal photographs of seafood recently caught. You continue to rant to an uninterested bystander for up to 45 mins on preferred fishing places and lures of choice.-You have taken your entire family members to Bass Pro Shops and capped off the time with dinner inside shop.