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From anglophile.Usually American. Someone who has a skewed, nearly victorian thought of England/Britain (is not able to differentiate the 2).Has based all knowledge of this nation off Sherlock and Doctor Who. Consequently they believe Benedict Cumberbatch may be the epitome of British chivalry, although he is a self-hating, anti-British asshole.notwithstanding their particular self-professed expertise about them, obtained no clue that Wales will it be's own nation. If they're previously fortunate enough to encounter a REAL Briton, they are going to proceed to inquire further about London - whether or not that individual has actually previously lived/visited there.They often enjoy influencing a "Uk" accent, which eventually ends up being no misnomer because no body when you look at the whole 4 countries seem like that (maybe with the exception of any particular one time Dick Van Dyke visited).