What does Anglo-Saxon Fathork Runes mean?

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this can be some figures which can be much like english characters.The word rune arises from the old Anglo-Saxon word 'run' pronounced roon meaning secret or mystery. Many rune alphabets tend to be varients of an alphabet labeled as the German or Elder Futhork Rune Alphabet that was manufactured by north European Tribes during the first millineum. It contained three articles and eight rows. Its called the futhork or futhorc because heading down the first line converted into english it will cause futhork or futhorc. There are specific figures that connot be converted direstly into english. Some figures if attemptedto tranlated into particular pronociation helpers like a double dotted 'i' and a combinations of characters 'c' and 'e' and a variety of characters 'a' and 'e' informing united states that within the initial language they utilized strange international accents.. The page 'u' and 'v' tend to be the same character additionally the letters 'x' and 'z' tend to be both the same personality informing united states that inside initial language one of these had not been made use of usually. There is a singal character for 'th' and 'ng' and 'ea' and 'gh' and 'kh' telling us that these combination sounds were utilized frequently. There is not a character for the letter 'q' telling united states which they failed to use the 'q' sound.