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The AnglicanApologist72 is a Theistic apologistwho previously moved under the name SirTheistDRF. He claims he could be a defender associated with the church and Anglicanism,but his video clips are so boring, he just manages to defendsleep from waking excitement.Similar to Venomfangx in many ways, he readilyengages in censorship and impertinence, but lacking thecharisma of Venomfangx, his censorship doesn't mean a great deal since their internet based clout is incredibly trifling.His defense of Christianity primarily comes from tryingto show research for Jesus Christ's resurrection, and tryingto make excuses when it comes to embarrassment of after areligion that has been started by someone as ridiculous asHenry the VIII. He could be identified is ignorant of thecommon fallacy of circulus in probando, whenever working withthe Bible.