What does Anglica mean?

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a tremendously beautiful woman. A woman with a very good personality, but she'll get mad very easily. She laughs about everything! She's a good spirited person. She's got big aspirations she'd want to achieve one day & she's her very own inspiration. She is very wise. She knows the woman restrictions & she's extremely funny! She will make any such thing into a tale, but she knows when to be totally really serious. She actually is ver open-minded & she wants to chat! She could chat for hours everyday all day. She's a soul mates. She's loyal & reliable. She has numerous buddies & is respected by most it is disliked by few. That doesnt make or break her though. She is powerful & independant. She actually is very caring, and falls in love effortlessly. She tries to perhaps not let her thoughts get the very best of her though. She does not care what individuals say, but i t does harm the lady. She's just everyones BESTFRIEND.

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North quippe Anglica lingua aquilonaris plaga dicitur.

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