What does Anglewhore mean?

Anglewhore meaning in Urban Dictionary

A person that is photogenic when photographed from a certain perspective. The definition of generally speaking reffers to using the internet social network users whom usually take advantage of this characteristic and fill a majority of their photo albums with photos extracted from this exact same position, to fish down the maximum amount of compliments as they can. It is really worth mentioning these compliments mostly result from people who nolife a lot to realize we live-in a three-dimensional world assuming they, god-forbid, went on a night out together with an anglewhore individual, this individual will have to turn around in the course of time which would break this illusionary 2D utopic globe obtained built for on their own on line. Taking into consideration the more-than-obvious reference to the duckface syndrome, the anglewhore's typical picture-taking present can also be reffered to as "the implied duckface".