What does Angioedema, hereditary mean?

Angioedema, hereditary meaning in Medical Dictionary

A genetic type of angioedema.u000du000a(Angioedema is also referred to as Quinke's illness.) Persons with-it tend to be producedu000du000alacking an inhibitor protein (labeled as C1 esterase inhibitor) that generally preventsu000du000aactivation of a cascade of proteins leading to the swelling of angioedema. Customers canu000du000adevelop recurrent attacks of swelled up cells, discomfort inside abdomen, and inflammation associated withu000du000asound field (larynx) that may compromise breathing. The analysis is suspected with au000du000areputation for recurrent angioedema. It's verified by finding uncommonly lower levels of C1u000du000aesterase inhibitor within the blood. Treatments consist of antihistamines and maleu000du000asteroids (androgens) that can also stop the recurrent attacks. Also called hereditaryu000du000aangioneurotic edema.