What does Angevin mean?

Angevin meaning in General Dictionary

a resident of Anjou

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  • a resident of Anjou

Angevin meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1650s, "pertaining towards the French province of Anjou," from French Angevin, from Medieval Latin Andegavinus, from Andegavum "Angers," city in France, capital of Anjou (Latin Andegavia, from Andecavi, Roman name for the Gaulish individuals who existed right here, which can be of unidentified origin). In English record, associated with Plantagenet leaders (you start with Henry II) have been descended from Geoffrey, count of Anjou, and Matilda, daughter of Henry I.

Sentence Examples with the word Angevin

The new pope Boniface VIII., elected in 1294 at Naples under the auspices of King Charles, mediated between the latter and James, and a most dishonourable treaty was signed: James was to marry Charles's daughter Bianca and was promised the investiture by the pope of Sardinia and Corsica, while he was to leave the Angevin a free hand in Sicily and even to assist him if the Sicilians resisted.

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