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therefore, this definition ended up being posted some time ago-"concept of an Agnes Irwin woman: Wearing cashmere sweaters, Gucci sunglasses, and Tiffanys galore, these Philadelphian socialits take pride within their first-rate prepatory training, the Agnes Irwin School. Arriving in BMWs, Audis, or Land Rovers, these blondes (if not outwardly, then at the very least in mind) not just learn how to calculate daddy's trust fund, but in addition their particular 1300> SAT score. Special skills feature superior hair flipping, becoming tan throughout every season, and looking sexy in a white buttondown shirt, collar up. When not signing up to the utmost effective universities in the united kingdom, these AIS ladies is spotted at functions with an Ivy League certain hunk, while using shots of high priced alcohol from their loved ones wine cellars. Finally thought as certainly one of beauty, wealth, and minds, an AIS woman will carry on the tradition of charming her fashionable styles and sophistication."i think that had been the essential ridiculous thing i've ever before look over. I do not do in order to ais, baldwin, haverford, or whatever, I will be indeed well from college. if you should be proud of becoming in that way, you may need a critical reality check- everything have actually described it many heinous thing we in the real-world could previously concieve. get ready for a rude awakening if you ever keep your valuable primary range and live in reality.