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A Fox but sometimes becomes a tiny attractive puppy-like pet according to how much she hates the style at the time but beware given that look constantly generally seems to transform on a regular basis.Very Emo, whiney interest whore that has absolutely nothing far better to do other than whine about the woman skills on computer system graphics or typical news, will simply speak to those who she views as "popular" and whines to them regarding how much she sucks so she can get Fan art from their store so she will show-off just what she's. Very Selective about just who she’s foretells on MSN or AIM, when you yourself have no art skill to produce something amazing on her behalf then you're out-of luck to get at know this person or in this situation you're in luck.Claims to-be depressed, paranoid Schizophrenia and contains Bi-polar condition so she will get as much sympathy as she will to whoever's ready to draw some thing for her.Avoid previously getting on the bad side because you will immediately get stabbed within the straight back because its her biggest excitement since shes therefore shy and embarrassed of male Penis