What does Angeleigha mean?

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that is a woman you cannot resist. She is goofy everyday, but could be really serious when necessary. She is gorgeous inside and out with only your very best desire for head. She will assist when necessary. She is never ever envious and always confident. About performing, she's on the top. Intelligence is key. This is actually the men' companion, but can not appear to snag the one she wants. There's always a obstacle in how. She's very athletic, sticks to the woman morals, and is delighted in life. She takes the hate and transforms it into a confident. She gets along with everyone. She will sound the woman viewpoint and go against the whole grain. She's going to transform for nobody. Her heart's wall space tend to be as thick as iron, of course by some opportunity you obtain in, you don't harm this lady. You will never return in. Her primary wish will be no-cost. Operate from problems, block all of them out. Creativity is a must. The guy to snag her won't be sorry.