What does Angel Speak Angel's Peak mean?

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a shock intimate work. It is quite tricky to-do, and you will just pull off it as soon as, so abide by it very carefully the first time:1) during intercourse, pull out and ejaculate into the hand (if you've ever before spiderman'd someone, step one is the identical)2) pose a question to your partner if she desires "to listen to angels speak."3) Suck the semen into your lips while she answers.4) Spit into her ear.It's in line with the belief that the voices of angels had life-giving power to any just who could hear all of them, so if she gets pissed, only explain it was a religious lesson.A comparable work is "the divine conception" when you spit into a virgin's vagina in place of the woman ear, and "the phrase Of Jesus" should you it while having a giant bushy beard. A phrase utilized in the trampling fetish community for tip of a penis that has been trampled down seriously to a long, flat triangular shape.Comes from old koan "how numerous angel's can dance regarding head of a needle?", since the tip of an angel's peak would if at all possible be needle-sharp (although clearly in actual life, this will be impossible).