What does Ange Ange Ange ange Ange mean?

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a sort hearted girl, that views ideal in everybody else, but is occasionally just shown the worst. she keeps the woman friends up high above harms means. She actually is simply the most useful individual be around! a name for women. Quick for Angela, and a less girly difference of Angie (pronounced like Angie but without having the "e" sound at the end). Somebody who does really when you look at the age technology whoever only true claim to popularity is understanding the words to songs... although this woman is a bad singer.. This woman is extremely dedicated and has now several young ones. She hates winter and calls the tropics her "real" house.. She likes to examine a few edges to an account before carefully deciding and she cannot spell... In the event that you look sincere close you will definitely may find her sleeping, but the majority often discover the girl doing washing...BUT you can expect to always find the music on, if only in her mind...she is particularly rooting for Corey Smith these days... a person who believes they've been right when they're incorrect and can just believe things whenever theyre revealed for them in monochrome. in addition a person who believes they've been winning a competition if they are infact perhaps not a word frequently employed by females from Thornaby when you look at the north of The united kingdomt. This term is the sexual organ areas of a female but could be employed to explain your "area" too.It is generally found in times during the dissatisfaction, annoyance, or sometimes pleasure.