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a brief history of the word arises from the south eastern shore of Virginia during the pilgramage of 1776.The term Angal derives from shoeless dance that the settlers would do to entrance the Native Aborigines into offering their land, kiddies, and resources(firewood, buffalo, ladies,; etc).Modern researchers have appeared closely into some instances included the gathering associated with native's souls and contain them in their bottled alcohols that will be where term "SPIRITS" arises from. This elixir ended up being considered to be the treatment to these types of illnesses as the common cool into the Ebony Plague.However, modern examinations have proved this misconception is definitely a hoax, and sent fresh fruit baskets on loved ones of this Indians.This act can be executed on any individual providing the party is profound enough to fool them into offering one thing; it might be anywhere between a used candle and a lizards end