What does Anesthetic mean?

Anesthetic meaning in Medical Dictionary

A substance that triggers decreased sensation or awareness, dulling discomfort to permit surgery as well as other painful procedures.

Anesthetic meaning in Law Dictionary

medication which causes reduced feeling. This reduction can be complete or limited. If overexposed complications can occur and also demise in extreme instances.

Anesthetic meaning in Etymology Dictionary

alternate spelling of anaesthetic (q.v.). See ae.

Anesthetic meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

Any compound proven to expel sensation; often applied during an agonizing surgical treatment.

Anesthetic meaning in General Dictionary

a medicine that causes short-term losing physical feelings

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  • characterized by insensibility
  • regarding or creating insensibility
  • Same as Anaesthesia, Anaesthetic.

Anesthetic meaning in Sexual Dictionary

an agent accustomed produce anesthesia.

Anesthetic meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Same as Anaesthesia, Anaesthetic.