What does Anemone mean?

Anemone meaning in General Dictionary

A genus of flowers of this Ranunculus or Crowfoot family members windflower a few of the species tend to be cultivated in gardens

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  • any woodland plant of this genus Anemone cultivated for the breathtaking flowers and whorls of dissected leaves
  • marine polyps that resemble plants but have oral bands of tentacles; change from corals in creating no hard skeleton
  • A genus of flowers of the Ranunculus or Crowfoot family; windflower. A few of the species are cultivated in gardens.
  • the ocean anemone. See Actinia, and Water anemone.

Anemone meaning in Urban Dictionary

1. Flower associated with Ocean2. Any of numerous perennial herbs of this genus Anemone, local chiefly to northern temperate areas and achieving palmately lobed leaves and enormous blossoms with showy sepals. Also known as windflower.3. A-sea anemone.

Anemone meaning in Names Dictionary

Name Origin: Greek
Name Gender: Female

Anemone meaning in Etymology Dictionary

flowering plant genus, 1550s, from Middle French anemone (16c.) and directly from Latin anemone, from Greek anemone "wind rose," virtually "daughter associated with the wind," from anemos "wind" (cognate with Latin anima; see animus) + -one feminine patronymic suffix. Based on Asa Gray, so called given that it ended up being thought to open only if the wind blows. Klein suggests the flower name possibly originally is from Hebrew (compare na'aman, in nit'e na'amanim, literally "plants of pleasantness," in Is. xvii:10, from na'em "was pleasant"). Applied to a form of water creature (water anemone) from 1773.

Anemone - German to English

anemone [genus Anemone]

Anemone meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A genus of flowers regarding the Ranunculus or Crowfoot family; windflower. A number of the types tend to be developed in gardens.

Sentence Examples with the word Anemone

Lilies, however, are not a conspicuous feature in the flora of Palestine, and the red anemone (Anemone coronaria), with which all the hill-sides of Galilee are dotted in the spring, is perhaps more likely to have suggested the figure.

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