What does Ane Ane ane Ane Ane mean?

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more rad woman could previously meet!! This woman is smart, funny and gorgeous! Should anyone ever find her, keep the lady. She's an unusual treasure. The name of just one regarding the sexiest women on the planet. This lady oozes sex charm. Guys and woman fantasise about this lady. She walks with selfconfidence. She's excessively smart but very humble. This woman is a generous lover and intensely good in bed. She really loves with her entire heart and it is almost always in a commited commitment. She also needs countless love in exchange. She is incredibly faithful to friends and wants equivalent from them. The act of fucking in ass. To ane. A shortened type of the term rectum. Code term for ass, employed by guys around girls whenever describing how good created the ass of a fellow feminine is. Even though the code is kinda obvious it throws them off every so often