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1.An bad scientist hellbent on conquering the Lylat System. Main enemy of Fox McCloud in Starfox games. Large drifting head with huge floating hands.2. The act of showing up unexpectedly and regarding no place without description. Originated from just what Andross does at the climax of Starfox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet. Pulling an Andross will often result in the person nearby you to definitely pilot an Arwing and take at you continuously. A dimwitted individual who can resemble the Andross of the same name from Star Fox 64 (1997 Nintendo) in virtually any range ways, almost. 1: Having a hideous or fugly face. 2: Having eyes that do not match or tend to be somewhat deformed. 3: Slapping and poking random folks for no genuine reason. 4: trying to outsmart some body and failing awfully. 5: Smelling like week old dogshit. 6: Confusing and screwing up an easy mathematics issue such as 10-10. 7: Inventing stupid sound files and saying them randomly (Ex: Doiky). 8: Expecting other people to come calmly to a person's aid, asking for favors and irritating men and women continuously, etc. 9: Having arbitrary face spasms, having unusual facial animations. 10: Ignoring warnings and having yourself into huge trouble, including massive fianancial debt. Andross may also be said as "Andrew" (Andross's boy). 1) huge mind and hands with a robot clone from Starfox 642) fat noob with a dell