What does Androsexual mean?

Androsexual meaning in Urban Dictionary

1. those who have sexual leanings towards guys.Through the greek 'andros' meaning "man", together with latin 'sexualis' definition "relating to sex"The distinction androsexual/gynosexual may be contrasted with difference heterosexual/homosexual. in place of refering toward relative gender regarding the object of attracting (other/same), it means it right (male/female).One might look at the case in which one undergoes a sexchange; in the event that object of attraction does not transform, then positioning regarding hetero-/homosexual does modification, that is significantly peculiar.2. Whoever has intimate leanings toward androgynes.Referring to anyone who has a sexual choice toward whoever may class themselves as non-gendered, genderneutral, agendered, between genders, intergendered, bigendered,"pangender' or genderfluid.This is within a sense comparable bisexuality.