What does Androgen mean?

Androgen meaning in General Dictionary

a hormone including testosterone or androsterone that promotes development and maintenance of typical male intimate attributes they're mostly manufactured in the testes

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  • male sex hormone this is certainly manufactured in the testes and in charge of typical male sexual attributes

Androgen meaning in Medical Dictionary

A male intercourse hormone that promotes the growth and maintenance for the male intercourse attributes. The most important androgen is testosterone.

Androgen meaning in Etymology Dictionary

male intercourse hormones, 1936, from andro- + -gen.

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Androgen meaning in Sexual Dictionary

a hormone, such as for instance testosterone or androsterone, produced by testicles plus small quantities by ovaries. Androgens have the effect of real maturation and manages the development and maintenance of masculine faculties. Stimulate sebaceous glands, greater levels of androgen hormones being linked to acne development.