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abb. of androgynous. having attributes of both masculine and feminine gender ideals (becoming some where in the middle or outside of the male-female polarity design). andro can refer to garments, appearence, mindset, design, or self-identification. Comes from the greek word "man" entails intercourse god as well as other various other inspirations.People like mick jagger looked at themselfs as Andros' but only the real people tend to be produced with the title. A sex-o-holic person who wants to screw whatever moves. Have sex any time 24/7 rather than have fed up with it. He once orgasmed for over 17 hours and has now the sperm count of a Beluga Whale.he could be the best guy alive, with the biggest penis ever and balls made out of Irish silver. He is able to screw you without even having to whip out his massive 25 inches beast of a veiny cock. prefix: of or relating to males or even the male intercourse. Similar to anthro-, an associated root present in antrhopology, the research of mankind, where "men" can be used as a blanket term for several of mankind.