What does Andrews AFB mean?

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When someone mentions Andrews AFB they believe of one thing Air Force One but little do they understand what goes on behind the scenes. Andrews AFB is situated about 5min southeast of Washington D.C. very first the area: the reason why would the United States place certainly one of its key resources in the center of the ghetto. Whenever you drive through primary gate and appearance towards right you'll see Family Dollar, Pawn store, and you guessed it Popeyes bona-fied fried chicken shack. McDonalds that will be in addition down the street, is known for its frequent shootings, stabbings, road pharmaceuticals, and the periodic automobile jacking. If however you go to the commissary later one night to get a few things, you could bump into certainly one of Maryland's reacently released felons. Yes, You heard right, certainly one of Maryland's finest ex-cons is making sure your food are precisely stocked. If you happen to be in the mood for an enjoyable particular date on the town, visit Classics. Where you will find a plethora of various creates and models of authorities cars in their futile try to keep carefully the peace. Upon entry of Classics you will observe a warm and welcoming sign staiting "Whites served but Blacks prefered". Next time some mentions exactly how great Andrews AFB is, make sure you remember what type of celebrations lie simply on the other side for the fence.