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Preppy child from Wilton, would go to SLS and plays baseball. He is one of the greatest bamf's when you look at the entire world and then he pwns at life. He's truly preppy and enjoys wearing pastel coloured pants and popping their collar on a regular basis. On mondays thru fridays you can find mr jacoby sitting immediately at their table and studying like a complete scholar. On the celebration he provides you with a d.i.l.l.g.a.f which can be upsetting, yet permitted because he is king associated with globe. Regarding weekends available jacoby at club arcadia, or shaving innocent hampsters to help make his next fur coat. He's been arrested 4 times, and gasoline gotten like 6 speeding seats. He could be the epitomy of a gangsta prep with a semi-jockness put into their baller soul.If you ever before possess experiance to meet up this individial, bring a couple of things: a camera, and a baseball bat, for when things get frisky.