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a really intelligent male associated with human population. he could be also a kung fu master who's amazing stealth skills and is capable knock out school safety guards in a matter of seconds. But never ever ask him to babysit because is not capable of actually watching the children. This individual can also be a multi-millionaire considering their award winning "Above The impact" commercial showing just how young adults should breakaway from their friends and be able to pick their particular dates for homecoming. People with this name is a remarkably embarrassing performer, which bothers some people that don't discover Asians attractive. He's additionally an acclaimed Olympic Summersaulting advisor regarding the gold medalist, Bre Snyder. His wikipedia website link happens to be under building it is certain to be working quickly, and placed in his commercial. He enjoys long IM conversations with Bre Snyder. Their hobbies include slow texting, awkward moments, and having beat up emotionally by his dearest friends! If you do not understand this person, you're plainly at a disadvantage.