What does Andon mean?

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A fairly obscure title from eastern Europe, but nevertheless everybody using this name's considered more gifted than God. Individuals with title Andon will make females swoon and men turn homosexual with just a smile. People with this name are renowned as being talented and respected in whatever areas they pursue. Men using this title tend to be solitary yet not since they cant get ladies but because most women can be not good enough for them.

Sentence Examples with the word Andon

By three battles, victories for the enemies of FranceRossbach in Germany, 1V57, Plassey in India, 1757, andQuebec in Canada, 1759 (owing to the recall of Dupleix, who was not bringing in large enough dividends to the Company of the Indies, and to the abandonment of Montcalm, who could not interest any one in a few acres of snow), the expansion of Prussia was assured, aiid the British relieved of French rivalry in the expansion of their empire in India andon the North American continent.

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