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VERB intransitive: To lie bold faced and stubbornly towards end about anything everybody else can see with regards to own eyes to-be untrue, to piss in your leg and inform you it really is raining. Called after journalist Craig Anderton for his unwavering insistance that brand new Harmony Central online forums were working just fine even as 80% for the users left the online forums in disgust since they cannot sign on, load pages, or make the simplest functions work. Title previously presented by Iraqi Propaganda Minister Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf who insisted Iraq had been winning even as American soldiers could possibly be seen storming the Baghdad airport behind him. An English Chap whom enjoys the essence of drinking Yorkshire Tea. He really loves beverage such that he qualifies as a tea addict. Although, English everyone loves beverage, nobody is ever going to love beverage up to an Anderton.