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A shit-hole with a terrible western side (of course exactly what town DOESN'T have a bad western part???) At one time had been residence to Delco-Remy (GM production facilities), which essentially held the city alive...now that they're gone, town is deader than a doornail, most people are often on jobless or benefit, or must drive to Indianapolis for a REAL job! No-good taverns or groups, so most spend time at household functions or cruise the country with a glass or two at your fingertips. Has actually two disgusting strip-clubs...Hoosier women in addition to VIP (also known as the HIV generally in most groups). Is house to a third-rate Speedway that will be residence to the 'Little 500', where you can get a glimpse of real redneck, douchebag character of the city! Viva craphole!!!! ;)