What does Anaximenes mean?

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Name of a Greek philosopher.
Name Origin: Latin
Name Gender: Male

Anaximenes meaning in General Dictionary

a presocratic Greek philosopher and associate of Anaximander which believed that things are made of air in various quantities of density (6th century BC)

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Anaximenes of Miletus

Anaximenes meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

(6th Cent. B.C.) With Thales and Anaximander he belongs to the Milesian class of Greek Philosophy; as an Ionian he sought a cosmic material factor which would give an explanation for manifold processes associated with the normal world and declared this become air. Air, he thought, had the characteristic of Infinity which may account for the kinds of nature more easily than liquid, which his forerunner Thales had postulated. Cf. Burnet, Early Greek Philosophy, Diels, Frag. d. Vorsokr. -- M.F.

Sentence Examples with the word Anaximenes

It remained for Spengel to entitle the work Anaximenis Ars Rhetorica in his edition of 1847, and thus substitute for the name of the philosopher Aristotle that of the sophist Anaximenes on his title-page.

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