What does Anastasia mean?

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Name Origin: Greek
Name Gender: Female

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fem. appropriate name, from fem. lately Latin Anastasius, from Greek Anastasios, from anastasis "resurrection," actually "a standing or increasing up," from ana "up; once more" (see ana-) + histanai "to cause to face, to stand up" from PIE root *sta- "stay" (see stet).

Anastasia - German to English

Anastasia [Anatole Litvak, 1956]

Sentence Examples with the word Anastasia

Feodor's grandson, Sakhariya Ivanovich, was a boyar of Vasilii V., grand-duke of Moscow at intervals between 1425 and 1462, and the family took its name from his grandson Roman, whose daughter Anastasia Rornanovna married the tsar Ivan the Terrible.

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