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(created by: Bustya Lipbitch March 10 '08)DEFINITION -------------------------A word online game for forum people which I only dubbed "Anaslams". I didn't create it, but I coined it, so it is my own. The item would be to use the title of the individual above both you and create a coherent sentence from the jawhorse per my instances below. Muster your entire may to follow along with these rules to prove your acuity to united states all.COMPOUND DEVELOPMENT INFORMATION ---------------------------------Ana + slam(ref: dictionary.reference.com)ANA: (Noun)1. An accumulation of various information regarding a specific subject, person, destination, or thing. 2. Something in such an assortment, as an anecdote, a memorable saying, etc. 3. an accumulation various materials that reflect the smoothness of a person or location.SLAM: (Verb or Noun)1. To criticize harshly; assault verbally.RULES & TERMINOLOGY-------------------------------1. Anaslammers are those who're at this time Anaslamming.2. Anaslammers must Anaslam their particular immediate forerunner first before Anaslamming someone else.3. Anaslammees are those who formerly Anaslammed and are usually now-being Anaslammed themselves.4. Anaslammees' names appear twice, first horizontally after which vertically.5. Anaslam words just share their particular very first letters aided by the Anaslammee's name, or else you're stupid.6. Anaslam words might contractions, slang, international or alt. spellings, but link it to a source if questionable.7. Anaslam sentences are merely made out of Anaslam words, or else you're stupid.8. Anaslam phrases must be coherent, if they are not, you are stupid.