What does Anasazi mean?

Anasazi meaning in Etymology Dictionary

title applied by their particular Navajo neighbors to contemporary Pueblo peoples regarding the U.S. southwest, also to different landscape features related to them, from Navajo anaasazi "ancestors of the enemies." Thought to first have now been placed on the old Pueblo ruins of southwestern usa in the Mesa Verde region c.1889 by rancher and trader Richard Wetherill, who started exploration of the internet sites in your community; established in archaeological language 1927.

Anasazi meaning in General Dictionary

a local American whom lived in what is now southern Colorado and Utah and northern Arizona and New Mexico and which built cliff dwellings

Sentence Examples with the word Anasazi

Surely some would have devoted a life to science, dissecting the Mayan language or the searching out demise of the Anasazi Empire.

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