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Kingdom in northern Magnamund, southeast associated with Stornlands, bordering on Slovia and Dessi. Abnormally because of this particular dream world, Anari is a republic, with an at least nominally democratic governmental framework. It really is run by an elected council, even though this seems to be dominated because of the merchant people. The administrative centre is Tahou.Beneath the city you will find buried the ruins of a youthful type of the town of Zaaryx, inhabited by flesh-eating Ghouls therefore the mystical reptilian Crocaryx.It appears mainly in Lone Wolf 9: The Cauldron of Terror, in which Lone Wolf has got to find a way to get into the cauldron leading on to the ruins, in which one of the Lorestones is concealed. He's got to achieve this with or minus the assistance of Council. At that time, Anari reaches war, with three separate armies - two through the Darklands and another from Vassagonia - converging on Tahou. The gamebook culminates in a siege and battle within the town, which Lone Wolf must conquer Zakhan Kimah to secure a short-term victory for Anari before allied causes arrive.Anari is again assaulted because of the Darklords during the period of Lone Wolf's absence, as he is within the Dazhiarn Plane.