What does Anaphylactic shock mean?

Anaphylactic shock meaning in General Dictionary

a serious form of physiological surprise often having a fatal result brought on by an extreme immunological response to antigens It is a severe as a type of anaphylaxis2 and is described as smooth muscle tissue contraction and capillary dilation through the entire human body initiated by antibodies of IgE class it will always be seen whenever an antigen to which an individual has become hypersensitized is inserted intravenously or subcutaneously additionally it is called generalyzed anaphylaxis or systemic anaphylaxis and sometimes anaphylaxis

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  • a severe and rapid and quite often fatal hypersensitivity reaction to a substance (especially a vaccine or penicillin or shellfish or pest venom) to which the organism is now sensitized by earlier visibility

Anaphylactic shock meaning in Medical Dictionary

A widespread and incredibly really serious allergic attack. Medical indications include dizziness, loss of awareness, labored respiration, swelling of tongue and breathing tubes, blueness of the skin, reduced blood circulation pressure, heart failure, and death. Immediate disaster treatment solutions are needed for this particular shock, including management of epinephrine in the case of bee or wasp stings.