What does Analytics mean?

Analytics meaning in General Dictionary

The technology of evaluation

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  • The research of analysis.

Analytics meaning in Urban Dictionary

The simplest concept of Analytics is "the technology of analysis". Actually, the term "Analytics" is not properly defined by the professional neighborhood and can even indicate different things to different folks. An easy and useful definition, however, would be just how an entity(i.e., company) finds the most optimal or practical decision from a number of available options, centered on existing data. Business managers may choose to make decisions considering past experiences or principle, or there might be other qualitative aspects to decision-making; but unless there clearly was information active in the process, it will be considered beyond the purview of analytics. Another meaning could be that Analytics is a field of research / profession which has programs in almost any industry (company / personal / political / home) in which information is available.

Analytics meaning in SEO Dictionary

Analytics describes all the technology, programming, and data found in search engine marketing tactics to evaluate an online site's overall performance or perhaps the success of an Internet strategy.

Analytics meaning in Law Dictionary

learning days gone by data to anticipate trends, examine performance, and handle effects. Its done to enhance the business with additional understanding to alter things for much better.

Analytics meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1590s as a term in reasoning, from Latin analytica from Greek analytika (see analytic); in addition see -ics.

Analytics meaning in Business Dictionary

The field of data evaluation. Analytics usually involves studying past historic data to analyze potential styles, to evaluate the results of particular decisions or occasions, or even evaluate the performance of a given device or situation. The goal of analytics would be to improve the company by getting knowledge which is often always make improvements or changes.

Analytics meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The research of evaluation.

Sentence Examples with the word Analytics

Then Aristotle himself regarded rhetoric as partly science and partly dialectic, perhaps he would have said that his works on reasoning are some science and others not, and that, while the investigation of syllogism with a view to scientific syllogism in the Analytics is analytic science, the investigation of dialectical syllogism, in the Topics, with its abuse, eristical syllogism, in the Sophistici Elenchi, is dialectic. At any rate, these miscellaneous works on reasoning have no right to stand first in Aristotle's writings under any one name, logic or Organon.

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