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The main high-school in Sebastopol, a town of hippies. Constantly full of the aroma of burnt coffee or even the too-strong stench of cow. A school where vice-principle plays the harmonica to the PA system and there's a 15 moment student-produced television show called "It's Friday" played into every classroom just before lunch on - you guessed it - Fridays! A place in which the "school shirt" of 05-06 had been tyedye and stated on the back "Just because I-go to Analy doesn't mean i am a hippie." Great environment, also laid-back for the undoubtedly extremely unique cliques. It's just anticipated that everybody smokes weed - some of the educators do too. The football people aren't that big of a deal.. nevertheless debators tend to be. The "coolest" young ones aren't the cheerleaders - however the drama department. 2 plays a-year, and anyone who doesn't see them both is scorned and overlooked regarding the talk that continues at the very least weekly of exactly how great the play ended up being. Cutting class spring afternoons to go to the coastline is anticipated from numerous. "Thizz hill" is a known phrase, as is the "hyphy action." Enough wannabe gangsters and dudes white as snow which think they're black. Gains the important football "Apple Game" against competing twelfth grade El Molino every year. The 'y' in 'Analy' is consistently crossed-out, erased, or stolen (in the case of the major letters on the outside associated with fitness center). In general, a school most people claim to hate, but too unique not to grow about a little mounted on into the 4 many years you attend. an amazing name for a phenomenal person, just the best are called analy. a rare title, certainly, because analy, is an uncommon types. analy is type, sweet, hilarious, loves money, but can be the ideal individual in you life. knowing an analy, hold on to her. A lovely Woman Generally Speaking sporty. Any man would perish for. blue, grey or green eyes. Is often intimate. Major flirt additionally an important tease.