What does Analogous mean?

Analogous meaning in General Dictionary

Having analogy corresponding to something different bearing some resemblance or proportion frequently followed closely by to

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  • comparable or equivalent in some respects though usually dissimilar
  • corresponding in function yet not in evolutionary beginning
  • Having example; corresponding to something else; bearing some similarity or percentage; -- often followed closely by to.

Analogous meaning in Medical Dictionary

In physiology, similar to look at or purpose but otherwise different. Two frameworks may be analogous when they serve the exact same function but vary evolutionary in beginning as, like, human being and insect feet. In comparison with homologous.

Analogous meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1640s, from Latin analogus, from Greek analogos "proportionate, in accordance with due percentage" (see example).

Analogous meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

In veterinary medication, term familiar with refer to frameworks which can be anatomically different but complete features that are notably the exact same in general.

Analogous meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Having analogy; corresponding to another thing; bearing some resemblance or proportion; -- usually followed by to.

Sentence Examples with the word Analogous

In such an exploration of the sun's atmosphere it might be anticipated that definite currents, or some evidences of atmospheric circulation analogous to those familiar in terrestrial meteorology, would be discovered.

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