What does Analgesic mean?

Analgesic meaning in General Dictionary

a medicine which serves to cut back the sensibility to discomfort without losing awareness Aspirin and acetaminophen Tylenol are commonly used non prescription analgesics

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  • offering to reduce the sensibility to discomfort without losing awareness
  • effective at relieving pain
  • a medicine always reduce pain

Analgesic meaning in Medical Dictionary

A drug that relieves discomfort.

Analgesic meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"tending to remove discomfort," 1848, from analgesia + -ic. Alternative kind analgetic is advised by linguistic purists but is less frequent used. The noun definition "an analgesic preparation" taped by 1860.

Analgesic meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

Any medicine that's made to facilitate relieving discomfort without getting a sedative.

Sentence Examples with the word Analgesic

Morphine is an analgesic and hypnotic, relieving pain and producing deep sleep. As contrasted with opium it differs in being less astringent and constipating.

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