What does Analgesia mean?

Analgesia meaning in General Dictionary

lack of sensibility to pain

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  • lack of the feeling of discomfort without lack of awareness
  • lack of sensibility to pain.

Analgesia meaning in Medical Dictionary

the shortcoming to feel discomfort.

Analgesia meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"absence of discomfort," 1706, health Latin, from Greek analgesia "painlessness, insensibility," from analgetos "without discomfort, insensible to discomfort" (also "unfeeling, ruthless"), from an- "not" (see an- (1)) + algein "to feel discomfort" (see -algia).

Analgesia meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

without having the existence of pain.

Analgesia meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Absence of sensibility to discomfort.