What does Anaerobic mean?

Anaerobic meaning in Medical Dictionary

perhaps not needing air. Anaerobic germs, for instance, do not require oxygen to develop.

Anaerobic meaning in Law Dictionary

nything perhaps not requiring oxygen and may also be damaged because of it. A good example of this really is germs. Spelled anerobic sometimes. Make reference to aerobic.

Anaerobic meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"capable of residing without oxygen," 1879 (as anaerobian; contemporary kind very first attested 1884), from French ana

Anaerobic meaning in Sports Dictionary

a power system utilized whenever exercising, especially for sprinting, because provides a limited quantity of energy quickly. It does not utilize atmospheric oxygen. (sport: cycling)

Anaerobic meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

a) residing a breeding ground lacking free oxygen b) regarding an organism have real profit live-in a breeding ground lacking free air.

Anaerobic meaning in Business Dictionary

perhaps not dependent on air, that can perish or become inactive in its existence. Clostridium group of bacteria (which causes the life-threatening food poisoning in improperly sterilized cans) is anaerobic. Bacteria in greatly polluted water (with no dissolved oxygen) which degrade sewage from septic systems, real time and purpose just into the absence of oxygen, so does the micro-organisms that ferment organic material into beer, rum, whisky, wines, along with other alcohol based drinks. Anaerobic organisms would be the oldest life-form in the world which appeared about 4.5 billion years back. Also spelled as anerobic. See also aerobic.

Anaerobic meaning in General Dictionary

not aerobic

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  • lifestyle or mixed up in lack of free oxygen
  • regarding, or like, anaerobies; anaerobiotic.

Anaerobic meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) regarding, or like, anaerobies; anaerobiotic.

Sentence Examples with the word Anaerobic

It is very probable that numerous symbiotic fermentations in the soil are due to this co-operation of oxygen-protecting species with anaerobic ones, e.g.

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