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a rather small town claiming to welcome every person and start to become tolerant of other countries. LOL right.Anacortes features incredibly widespread medicine dilemmas (including THREE meth homes actions through the high school), an awful police, and their twelfth grade makes a prison much more desirable to-be at each and every day (I do believe I would personally rather be raped by Bubba than pay attention to the key attempt to mediate problems).If you're gay, nonwhite, of an alternative religion than Christianity, or otherwise not an athlete, you WILL be ostracized. There's nothing but white children which think they have been from a big town. Anacortes, as well as its residents, you will need to either convert that Christianity or even the Republican side. You'll be bullied in the event that you get great grades or are very different in this city. Oh, and cheating by valedictorians is sanctioned for them to state obtained scholastic part models....few and far-between. Oh, that valedictorians (class of 2010) plagiarized their message (you believed no body would realize that, correct?).All in every, this religious town is a shithole with absolutely NO understanding for diversity. The most amazing area in washington condition. Everyone knows your title, your daily life story, along with your mother. It is a town of atleast 50percent retired people. Numerous families have stuck around generation after generation. It is not unusual for the instructor to possess taught your parents too. There's an abundance of churches, financial institutions, and coffee places. Bowling and Quarter Mania is truly popular among the adolescents. Every person drinks a lot of and smokes a tad too much weed, but hey, so do thier families. There's one high-school, plus one center college...and you have no privacy. Cruising the Berto500(the instinct, commerc) is a pasttime of almost everyone from generation to generation. Somethings never ever change.The people are delighted, friendly, good, caring, well off, and relatively intelligent.We tend to be an island connected with a bridge.