What does Ana and mia mean?

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Ana and mia tend to be nicknames that can come from terms Anorexia and Bulimia. Bulimia is an eating disorder in which the client binges (consuming exorbitant quantities of food) and purges (self-induced vomiting) for twice per week for three months and is at an ordinary body weight or overweight. Anorexia is an illness where in actuality the patient is lower than 15percent weight, has actually a powerful anxiety about gaining fat, and contains amenorrhea (absence of a womans period for about 3 successive monthly period cycles). Usually the people that make use of the terms "ana" and "mia" never in fact undergo the condition, they have been simply the those who believe consuming disorders tend to be a lifestyle or an option. These folks simply turn to the "Goddess Ana and Goddess Mia" to shed unwanted weight in order to be beautiful and attractive. Generally, these so called Wanarexics will look at thinspo and wear Ana and Mia bracelets to keep them "inspired" to lose excess weight.