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A Japanese aesthetic Kei rock band formed in 2003, all from Kanto area of Japan. Sometimes referred to as Antic Cafe, Antique Cafe, or An Cafe. They contains 4 people: Teriku (Drums/Leader of this Band), Miku (vocals), Bou (Guitar), and Kanon (Bass). They are all different but form one kick-ass group. Their video clips are often extremely special and include bright colours into them. They have been dazzling real time and small jrocker female fans get crazy when they kiss both. Some are arguing on whether or not they are an Oshare Kei, or aesthetic Kei band. I know think they are Oshare Kei, but does it genuinely matter? Their music is catchy and simple to dancing to. Pay attention to their tracks and you should fall in love.Miku - the pretty lead singerBou - the sweet girly son (as soon as stated if he had been reborn, he would rather be a female)Kanon - Hot hot hot/mysterious/quietTeriku - Kick-ass drummer/talks a lot of in interviews Also known as Antic Cafe, or sporadically ( not properly) Antique Cafe, AnCafe is a japanese stone and visual kei group whose songs is primarily fluffy pop-rock. Formed by Miku on vocals, Bou on electric guitar, Teruki on drums and Kanon on bass. Originally called Antique Cafe the band have altered their title three times from their particular initial to Antic Cafe and today right down to Ancafe, this is merely because more and more followers used this title. They participate in the Oshare-kei style which is commonly energetic punk/rock. Lead by Miku, on vocals, all users have been in their particular very early to mid twenties with Bou (electric guitar) becoming the youngesst to Teruki (drums) being the oldesst. The musical organization came together in 2004 and have now stormed Asian charts ever before sinse with their noisy, energetic and sometimes, but hardly ever, heavy music. The band will also be one of many leading into the fashion business with countless fans cosplaying as their fav. members. The band also provide a mascot whihc is the one and only donald duck.Bou happens to be popular in addition through their becoming Ancafe's 'token' woman. This implies not only does their hair resemble that os a girls what with-it becoming lengthy, blond and usually in ribbons but he additionally wears womans garments. Nonetheless he passes it off very well that everyone loves him because of it and despite dressing like a lady Bou is right in terms of love goes. Miku is known for his donald duck impressions that he does on countless occasions such as for example on television, in their commentary or just out of the blue. He's also known for his outstanding vocals where he appears to be able to attain low or up to he desires to. He is in addition a giant style icon in Japan.Kanon could be the smooth talking heart-throb of musical organization. He is often quiter versus other individuals on interviews but thats not to imply he is timid at all, actually Kanon will come aside with some truley funny things. He additionally became a prime fav. through his orle in Ancafe's movie, Bonds, where he played the cutesst dork ever before!!Finally, Teruki, today here is one random guy. Recognized for his smart splits and funny character he is the loudesst regarding the great deal. He always appears to be making some sort of laugh and then he delites in selecting in their band users, all-in enjoyable definitely. ^^ Him and Bou be seemingly the cloesst regarding the group, they have a tendency to be really near with each other and even phase kiss from time to time.So that is the love that's Ancafe! You should deffo check always them completely!