What does Amyloid mean?

Amyloid meaning in General Dictionary

A non nitrogenous starchy food a starchlike compound

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  • Resembling or containing amyl starchlike
  • resembling starch
  • a non-nitrogenous meals material consisting mainly of starch; any compound resembling starch
  • (pathology) a waxy translucent complex necessary protein resembling starch that results from deterioration of tissue
  • Alt. of Amyloidal
  • A non-nitrogenous starchy meals; a starchlike substance.
  • The substance deposited in body organs in amyloid deterioration.

Amyloid meaning in Medical Dictionary

any one of several complex proteins which can be deposited in areas which share chosen laboratory functions such as for instance a change in the fluorescence power of certain fragrant dyes like Congo Red.

Amyloid meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"starch-like," 1857, coined in German (1839) from Latin amylum (see amyl) + Greek-derived suffix -oid. The noun is attested from 1872.

Amyloid - German to English


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  • amyloid

Amyloid meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Alt. of Amyloidal

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  • (n.) A non-nitrogenous starchy food; a starchlike material.
  • (n.) The compound deposited when you look at the body organs in amyloid deterioration.

Sentence Examples with the word Amyloid

The reaction with methylviolet, however, differs from that with true amyloid in being evanescent.

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