What does Amygdala mean?

Amygdala meaning in General Dictionary

An almond

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  • an almond-shaped neural framework when you look at the anterior part of the temporal lobe associated with the cerebrum; intimately linked to the hypothalamus and hippocampus together with cingulate gyrus; as part of the limbic system it plays a crucial role in inspiration and emotional behavior

Amygdala meaning in Medical Dictionary

1. The amygdaloid nucleus in the brain. 2. The tonsils. These structures were so-named because they seemed to be formed like an almond. Through the Greek amydale (almond) + the Greek eidos (like).

Amygdala meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"the tonsils," 1540s (amygdal), from Latin, from Greek amygdale "almond" (see almond). The anatomical usage can be a primary translation of Arabic al-lauzatani "the two tonsils," actually "the 2 almonds," so named by Arabic doctors for fancied resemblance. From early 15c. as amygdales "tonsils;" as "almonds" from mid-12c.

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Amygdala meaning in Body Language Dictionary

A region regarding the brain that in accompaniment utilizing the hippocampus and thalamus affects fear, rage and aggression with friendship and love.  It is often been shown to be an integral player in development of feeling and closely tied to our bodies.  Anxiety responses tend to be carried on thalamus which in turn creates anxiety and alertness in the freeze response.  The amygdala decodes the data obtained from our sensory faculties and initiates adaptive behaviours through contacts into motor system (our body).  Research shows how this part of the brain is specially adept at reading facial feelings and decoding them.  The amygdala is in charge of different nonverbal signals as a result of root emotions it generates.