What does Amy and Michael mean?

Amy and Michael meaning in Urban Dictionary

Amy and Michael, an amazing match! Michael is an extremely cool guy which tends to make every person laugh. As soon as you meet him, you will need to be their buddy right away. He is extremely pretty and incredibly good-looking. He's got amazing style...in music, garments, meals, every little thing. Every girl secretly desires which he might be the woman boyfriend...mainly because everyone knows he likes dedication...mainly because he is nice and knows how to treat a girl...mainly because nevertheless unusual and wierd he might be, he's perfect. In the very own little way, he is perfect. Amy - to just take, hold, or steal your heart. someone who is a soulmate. good lover.she pulled an amy to my heart. (she stole or keeps my heart)my heart had been amyied. (my heart ended up being stolen)watch out she will amy you. (she's going to take your heart)you have yourself an amy. (you have your self a soulmate)A lovely girl who really loves all the woman pals and can never ever cheat on any person. Amy is really sweetA perfect match!