What does Amy mean?

Amy meaning in General Dictionary

a buddy

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  • a buddy.

Amy meaning in Names Dictionary

Name Origin: Latin
Name Gender: Female

Amy meaning in Law Dictionary


Amy meaning in Etymology Dictionary

fem. appropriate title, from Old French Amee, actually "beloved," from fem. past participle of amer "to love," from Latin amare, perhaps from PIE *am-a-, suffixed form of root *am-, a Latin and Celtic root developing different nursery words for "mother, aunt," etc. (including Latin amita "aunt").

Amy meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A pal.

Sentence Examples with the word Amy

Queen Elizabeth, with the almost incredible want of tact or instinctive delicacy which distinguished and disfigured her vigorous intelligence, had recently proposed as a suitor to the queen of Scots her own low-born favourite, Lord Robert Dudley, the widower if not the murderer of Amy Robsart; and she now protested against the project of marriage between Mary and Darnley.

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