What does Amway Moment mean?

Amway Moment meaning in Urban Dictionary

the idea within a dialogue or conversation where some one starts to slowly move (or suddenly change) focus associated with the conversation to their recent foray to the realm of multi-level marketing hence starting with enormous zeal, their particular well-rehearsed recruitment address. This minute is intensified by the nature of this various other party starting the conversation shift. This celebration is normally one of many following:1) An acquaintance you have only satisfied and were beginning to possibly explore subsequent friendship.2) One with whom you might be interested in from a romantic point of view as well as be seemingly reciprocating.3) A classic friend, colleague, spouse, or significant other with whom you have recently reconnected with online or in person.A similar as a type of consumption would-be: "to go Away you" or "He ruined a good chance of having the lady between the sheets as he prematurely went Amway on the."