What does Amsterdam mean?

Amsterdam meaning in General Dictionary

a big city that is a commercial center in addition to moderate capital regarding the Netherlands

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  • a commercial center additionally the nominal capital of Netherlands; center regarding the diamond-cutting business; chair of a significant stock-exchange; known for its canals and art museum

Amsterdam meaning in Etymology Dictionary

main town of the Netherlands; the name is a reference into the dam constructed on the Amstel river. Prevalence of dam in Dutch place names reflects the location of Holland.

Amsterdam - German to English

Amsterdam [Ian McEwan]

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  • Amsterdam [Am.] [waltz]
  • Amsterdam

Sentence Examples with the word Amsterdam

At Paris he met men of science and letters - Peter Guenellon, the well-known Amsterdam physician; Ole Romer, the Danish astronomer; Thoynard, the critic; Melchisedech Thevenot, the traveller; Henri Justel, the jurist; and Francois Bernier, the expositor of Gassendi.

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