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A loving, caring, sweet woman. Amris have awesome characters that everyone drops deeply in love with. They are different and special conpared to everyone else. Their form is adorable and amris are generally shorter. These are typically athletic and in addition intelligent. Yeah, they've their particular moments however they are man. Every child that views an Amri believes she's breathtaking and wishes she ended up being theirs. Amris have countless haters too, and pals she can trust with everything. She's the kind to accomplish good stuff, but knows how to have a great time. These are generally merely gorgeous and a joy to be around. Never ever harm an Amri because she's going to keep in mind forever. A distinctive snowflake that falls close to the uk, specially the south. Lately, but there were sightings for this natural wonder within the North. Two faced; extremely stengy with neccessities of life; will in all probability get hitched youthful; doesnt have actually a personality; cant stand to take her existence; bi-polar without meds; can become being extremely over-weight; will eventually lose her inspiration at an early age; does mostly every thing when she's youthful, so she's going to get old quickly; and tries to be apart associated with the 'In-Crowd' but frequently gets ditched.